The Mission

[October 2, 2012 - June 30, 2015]

Tasks with a strike through have been completed.
Tasks that are italicized pink are in progress.
*Click on a completed task for a link to its entry


001.        Make homemade ice cream
002.        Make bread from scratch
003.        Learn 100 new recipes
004.        Make homemade dog and cat treats
005.        Make homemade kettle corn
006.        Make homemade caramel corn
007.        Eat a turkey leg from the Johnny Appleseed Festival
008.        Go to a wine tasting with my husband
009.        Compile all of my favorite recipes and create my own cookbook


010.        Participate in and complete Project 365
011.        Upgrade one of my lenses
012.        Go on 5 photo-walks
013.        Enter 5 photography competitions
014.        Register to be a vendor at a Bridal Show
015.        Re-edit and print wedding pictures
016.        Shoot 10 (more) weddings
017.        Learn wet plate Collodion
018.        Pay for professional advertising
019.        Set up a natural light studio


020.        Learn to knit
021.        Knit a scarf
022.        Make a quilt
023.        Make homemade soap
024.        Create a scrapbook for the baby
025.        Make homemade Christmas cards
026.        Make 25 crafts from Pinterest
027.        Make our own Halloween costumes
028.        Make a wreath for all major holidays (9)
029.        Buy a sewing machine
030.        Sew my own cloth diapers
031.        Sew my own cloth wipes
032.        Sew my own wetbag
033.        Make our child’s first Halloween costume


034.        Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
035.        Have a baby
036.        Get a professional massage
037.        Go to bed an hour early every night for a month
038.        Pay for someone behind me at the Drive-Thru
039.        Breastfeed for one year
040.        Make our own baby food
041.        Have a natural birth
042.        Throw away old make-up and deep clean all brushes
043.        Get a pedicure
044.        Complete C25K
045.        Lose any excess baby weight (25lbs)
046.        Learn 50 words in Sign Language and teach them to our child
047.        Attend a yoga class
048.        Practice yoga every morning for a month


049.        Have dinner by candlelight
050.        Have a date night once a month for a year
051.        Private goal
052.        Private goal
053.        Finally go on our Honeymoon
054.        Take a vacation
055.        Go to a spa together


056.        Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
057.        Go paintballing
058.        Attend GenCon two years in a row
059.        Plan and host a girls-only weekend
060.        Celebrate my 30th birthday with a huge bash
061.        Compete in Friday Night Magic
062.        Learn 5 new games (board, strategy, RPG, etc.)
063.        Make our own Cosplay costumes and wear them to a convention
064.        Host a Superbowl party
065.        Attend another NFL game
066.        Attend a convention (other than GenCon)
067.        Bowl a 700 series
068.        Host a dinner party


069.        Watch the sun rise every day for a week
070.        Go camping in tents with no electronics
071.        Graduate with a Master’s Degree
072.        Read 50 books
073.        Use all natural/eco-friendly cleaning products
074.        Visit all of the (local) graves of my loved ones
075.        Finish a project ahead of schedule
076.        Donate old books
077.        Visit the library once a month for a year
078.        Volunteer at an animal shelter
079.        Volunteer at a food bank
080.        Move into our own place
081.        Pay off all credit cards (me: 2, husband: 2)


082.        Dance in the rain
083.        Take ballroom dancing lessons
084.        See 2 different movies in theaters in the same day
085.        Plant a garden
086.        Write a letter to my BFF once a week for a year
087.        Write a letter to my child once a month for a year
088.        Moderate an online forum
089.        Organize my office
090.        Get another tattoo
091.        Clean out storage unit
092.        Have a yard sale/garage sale
093.        See 15 new movies in theaters
094.        Attend 5 concerts
095.        Visit friends in a different state
096.        Fly on an airplane
097.        Mow my parents’ lawns as a surprise
098.        Visit New York City


099.        Teach my husband how to make a Day Zero list
100.        Make a new Day Zero list
101.        Complete every task on this list

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